Thursday, February 10, 2011

Are we warm yet?

Heather and I went out running this morning. Fortunately, it wasn't raining or even wet, however it was pretty darned cold! Okay, some of you may say, 31º isn't really that cold, but it was so foggy out this morning... and that has a significant effect on how cold it feels, never mind what the thermometer says. The cold on days like today sinks under your skin and down deep into your bones, then it seems like it takes forever to get warm.

Both of us were decked out in several layers of clothing, including both of us wearing jackets, which almost never happens. Plus we were also wearing ear coverings and gloves... again for both of us to be in this much gear, you know it's pretty cold... it seems like most of the time at least one of us is warm enough to go without some of the above listed attire... and it seemed like anytime we even thought about trying to take off the gloves or ear coverings today, it took almost no time to start freezing again.

Then, to make matters worse, I drove the 30 minutes home in wet (aka sweaty) clothing. Yes, I had the heat going almost full blast most of the way home, which helped, but the minute I got out of the car every ounce of reserve heat escaped. Fortunately, there was a nice hot, shower waiting for me at this end of the run! However, I must confess that my fingers haven't ever completely warmed back up. Maybe it's time to go find a fuzzy, warm cat to use for a hand warmer. They're usually pretty cooperative as long as they think they're getting petted... and who am I to tell them otherwise?!?

We're getting together for a run again tomorrow... twice in one week... unheard of... but who cares, it's always good to run with Heather. I feel like she pushes me a little more than I might if I were just out pounding out the miles on my own... and that's a good thing. I definitely feel like I've been getting noticeably stronger the past couple of weeks which is always a good thing... and I'm pretty sure that running with my sis-in-law is a big part of the equation.

Tomorrow's reward for a week of strong runs for us? Lunch at Bob's Red Mill! Definitely one of our favorites... always (relatively) healthy AND yummy... we won't rub it in with our DH's... at least not too much!

Today's Run
Miles: 6
Time: 1:11
Pace: 5.1 mph
Paved Trail Run

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Heather said...

I *never* warmed up yesterday. Not even in the shower. It wasn't until we climbed into bed & snuggled up the the down comforter that I started feeling toasty. BRRRRRR! I'm afraid. This morning isn't going to be any better. Speaking of, I better get going. we come!