Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brr... I'm freezing!!!

Well, the last two long runs I've done I've noticed a new phenomenon that I've never encountered in my experience as a runner... I'll usually cool off for a few minutes after I've changed out of all my ultra-sweat-soaked workout clothes and then go shower. Well for the second time in as many weeks, I spend the entire length of my shower so cold... it seems like I just can't get the water warm enough to overcome how cold I am. Since I've only noticed this for the last two weeks during my long run days, I started putting two + two together today. Thinking about it, I realized that this is probably not a unique experience... after all they give marathon runners space blankets at the end of a run. So, I ended up trying to poke around online to see if I could come up with the answer.

Here's what I've come up with so far:

  1. I'm probably letting myself get too dehydrated during a long run. I'm not sure of the exact physiology here, but everything I've read in different articles and in various forums suggests that, especially for long runs, you need to make sure you replenish your fluids during the run.
  2. I'm probably not getting enough nutrition during long runs... again it affects your body's ability to regulate itself. Apparently, you should also not be having whole "natural" foods during or immediately after (w/in the first 15 minutes or so) a long run, it can be hard on your stomach. Hence, the need for energy gels & cubes. (Okay, I confess to having a kind of d'uh moment on this one...)
  3. Your body heats up during a run, but then when you stop running your body immediately cools off, dropping several degrees rapidly... and apparently this can include dropping down to below 98.6º
  4. Don't forget the problem of wet clothes. Tech clothes will help with wicking moisture away from your skin during the run, but after a run, wet clothes are still, ultimately, wet clothes whether they're 'tech' or not... and sitting around in them for too long can also lead to a reduced body temp. Like I mentioned above, I usually change out of my wet clothes immediately, so this most likely isn't where I'm getting chilled, but it is certainly something to keep in mind..
Now that I've learned a little bit more about long runs... stuff, I confess I probably should've known before setting out on one... I will take some extra precautions during next week's run and let you all know if I think it is helping me keep my body a little better regulated.

Today's Run
Miles: 8.56 (new personal distance record... you guys are probably getting sick of me saying this already!)
Time: 1:46
Pace: 4.85 mph
Treadmill Workout


Heather said...

You have GOT to stop running in cotton shirts! You and your brother are going to find all of your cotton shirts missing from the closet one of these days. lol

Any run over 6 miles is what Kent and I consider a long run. We wear a hydration system & consume gel blocks during the run. I've learned the hard way that sports beans, as delish as they are, are too hard on my tummy. My body does really well with shot bloks by cliff. Strawberry is my fave! REI gives a 20% discount if you buy 12 or more at a time. Found that out while training for the Portland Half. :)

It might sound silly (or wimpy), but we take at least one hydration system along with us DURING all of our runs if it's warmer than 65 or 70 degrees or so out (especially if it's humid). I get way too overheated & sweat a ton. Even if it's just a simple 3 mile run, I've got my fuel belt on with at least 2 bottles of water once the temps hit the magic number. However, no matter what the temp is, I have a glass of water waiting for me in the car. Even after our 2 mile run last Friday, I sucked down an entire glass of water on the drive home.

Heather said...