Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh, my aching legs!

I skipped running on Thursday this week so that I could run with my favorite running buddy, my sis-in-law Heather, on Friday.

If you read Heather's blog "Will Run for Coffee" and hear her complaining about the hill she has to run that is behind her house. My recommendation... believe her when she says it's painful! We ran a four mile route yesterday around her house, including the killer hill directly behind.

Let me tell you, pretty much the entire run was a tough one. It's four miles of nearly nothing but hills - steep inclines, shallow inclines, little hills, big hills, some you go up, some you go down, but all in all, very little flat surface!

I can't remember the last time I ran such a tough four miles. Last night my legs were sore as if I had run a much longer distance... makes me think maybe I should be doing this kind of run a little more frequently. Yikes!!!

Fortunately, Heather was right there along with me and cheering me on the whole way. Although this might not make the hills any easier, it certainly makes them more tolerable (saying the word 'fun' here would definitely be overstating the matter) and makes them go by much more quickly. Thanks Heather!

Then, we rewarded ourselves with a trip to Panera for lunch... a very good balm for my (invisible) wounds!

Yesterday's Run
Miles: 4.0
Time: 51:25
Pace: 4.7 mph
Street Run (lots of hills!)

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Heather said...

PANERA! I think you SHOULD come do that route with me more often. We can make it worse & go the opposite direction, which is what Kent normally makes us do for our evening runs. It really sucks to go the other way, but it is making me stronger.

Running that during the day SURE did screw my brain over. Everything looks totally different. It was almost like running it for the first time ever. Crazy.

Thanks for going with me!!!!!