Monday, July 4, 2011

The dog ate my homework

And if you believe that, I might have a bridge to sell you as well!

Actually, I really don't have any excuse for my lack of posts last week except for the fact that BOTH Wednesday's and Friday's runs kind of sucked eggs... to put it bluntly. I made it through my run both days, but that's about the only positive thing that can be said for either day. The only thing I can even guess at is that the temperature has been increasing over the last week or so and the humidity was pretty gross last week as well.

I read in the copy of Runner's World that I received just yesterday that you should decrease your pace by a full minute per mile for any humidity over 60%. Wow! That might explain the week. The humidity has been running near 80% here all week. So I guess the lesson to be learned is that if you don't voluntarily slow your pace down, your body will involuntarily do it for you resulting in said crappy run! LOL!

Anyway, for those of you keeping track (including me), here are the numbers:

Friday's Run
7.0 Miles
4.8 mph

Wednesday's Run
7.13 Miles
4.8 mph

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