Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I'm happy to announce, after Monday's little "mini-crisis," that today I had one of my best runs... ever! I must confess to having been more than a little nervous about setting out today. I didn't know if my body was up to a run... plus, I had actually psyched myself out a little bit - fearing that I might have a repeat of Monday without the benefit of my DH being around. Fortunately, I took the ol' "get back on the horse" attitude, knowing that if I didn't run today, I would just sit around and think about it.

As a precaution, I did send my DH an email both before and after my run to let him know when I was finished and that I had made it without passing out.

I made sure I was well cooled down today before I stopped moving... and no more refrigerated beverages immediately after my run (no matter how refreshing they might sound)! LOL!

Anyway, here are today's numbers. Yea, me!
7.0 Miles
5.2 mph

That's an 11:30 pace for those of you keeping track... pretty much an unheard pace for me!

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Mommy Miles said...

Way to go on your accomplishment