Monday, October 31, 2011

October's Monthly Numbers... September's too!

My DH took the day off work today, so up until this point I haven't run today... will probably put off my long run until tomorrow which is the start of the new month, so I thought this was a good time to go ahead and post October's numbers.

Okay, I'll post September's numbers too, since I don't think I ever got around to doing that last month... oops.

Neither month's numbers are that impressive in the grand scheme of things. In September I had the back issue which forced me to skip a long run and shorten a couple of regular runs, but I really can't tell you what happened in October. I guess skipping today plays a part in that... if I had run today, my mileage would be up closer to 110/111 for the month. Oh well. Like all things, one set of numbers is not going to dictate my life. My monthly average is still pretty good and baring catastrophe, I will pop up over the 1K mark here in the next week or so. Yea! 

October Miles: 98.3
Total 2011 Miles: 982.8
Monthly Average: 98.3

September Miles: 103.1
Total 2011 Miles: 884.5
Monthly Average: 98.3