Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yea Me! A new milestone!

Whoo Hoo! As usual yesterday I did a long run. I hadn't really set out with a new PR in mind, but I felt pretty good while running and it just kind of happened. It was a PR for my long run only. It doesn't look so hot when compared to a daily run, but I don't care, it was still a milestone for me!

Yesterday's Run
13.0 Miles!!!
2:28:52 (yes, read it and be amazed with me, I actually hit 13 miles in less than 2½ hours!)
5.24 mph
11:27 pace

Friday's Run
7.1 Miles
5.32 mph
11:16 pace

Wednesday's Run
7.1 Miles
5.31 mph
11:17 pace


Kara said...

Woo hoo! That's awesome! :D

Run with Jess said...

Great Job!! A distance PR is always exciting!

Chris said...

Awesome! My last long run was 10 miles at 2:28:05. LOL! Apparently, I'm doing something wrong. ;-) Keep up the great runs!!