Saturday, March 12, 2011

Late Bloomers on the run!

Well, tomorrow is the Portland Shamrock run... I've never run it before, so we'll see how it goes. Everyone, but everyone who I've talked to about it and has run it previously says it's a great run. So I'm hopeful.The only thing giving me pause is the fact that it's supposed to be rainy AND windy tomorrow. Not a great combination!

Me, Heather & my brother have all registered to run the 15K... so not only will we be wet, but we should be really wet by the time we get done with 9.3 miles. The upside to this is we will all have completed out long run for the week. Yea!!!

We have registered as a group... calling ourselves the "Late Bloomers." Referring to the fact that we started running (or went back to running after a very long hiatus) later in life. This is a run that a lot of people dress up for... well, we aren't getting too decked out, however, Heather made fun t-shirts (thanks Heather!!!)... of course they are green, so if you happen to be out tomorrow, keep an eye out for us... that is if you can find us among the 30,000 other attired-in-green runners out there!

Yesterday's Run
Miles: 7.02 (Yea! I made up my missed mileage!)
Time: 1:22
Pace: 5.1 mph
Part Street / Part Treadmill Run

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