Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a little running humor

For any of you who might have (even for a moment) questioned my knowledge/wisdom when I said in my blog post a few weeks back that as a runner the porta-potty is a fact of life and you need to get used to it, I give you the above cartoon!

For the first time today in nearly two weeks, I'm back to a regular running day today. Despite the fact that I was really hoping to speed up my time today with a little speed work (which didn't happen - I think I upped my speed a little too much at the outset and ended up walking a bit more than normal), it felt pretty good to get back into a more regular routine. I didn't have to make up any missed mileage today from earlier in the week, I wasn't out of town fighting my own lethargy, etc. Nope, it was just a day of straight ahead running for my set time goal for the day and then trying to not suck while doing it! Yea!!!

Today's Run
6.36 Miles
75 Minutes
5.1 mph

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Run with Jess said...

Good run! Take whatever the legs will give ya! LOL