Thursday, March 31, 2011

Recovery Mode... still

Well, yesterday I decided to give myself one more easier day of running. Instead of trying to push ahead with my long run in the middle of the week, my sister-in-law and I have decided to do our long run together tomorrow, assuming that I'm still feeling like I'm on the mend. Heather may have to bring her camera with her like she did during the Shamrock Run so she doesn't get completely bored out of her skull, but I am grateful that she's agreed to run this with me!

At first it looked like it was going to be a gorgeous day tomorrow with some sun and a high around 60º. Unfortunately, that has changed a bit and it's now looking like rain for most of the day - doesn't that just figure? Not sure if that will dampen (no pun intended) our motivation or not.... I must confess that 2+ hours of rainy running is not real appealing, but we'll see how it's going come morning.

Even though it was a light run yesterday, I've been trying to slowly but surely up my speed a bit. I guess it's kind of like my weight loss... it's not happening fast, but it is happening and every step in the right direction I look at as a positive thing. I noticed that the woman who won the Shamrock 15K clocked in with an average in the 6 minute mile range... I don't think I'll probably ever be that fast (really, that's not even an aspiration of mine at this point), but hopefully one day I can move beyond the 11½ to 12 minute mile!

Yesterday's Run
6.37 Miles
75 Minutes
5.1 mph

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Jen said...

I am with you - I think a 10 minute mile sounds perfect to me. I have no desire to move faster, but right now I can last at that pace for about 30-45 seconds. I figure if I keep upping it slowly I will get there.