Saturday, June 25, 2011

Late Week Meltdown

Well, on Thursday, my body finally lodged the protest that was long overdue. I had been keeping up my normal training schedule all week, running a little over 7 miles on Tuesday and doing my full cross-training schedule on Monday and Wednesday. Come Thursday about 5 miles into my run my body said "NO MORE!!!" I made it to 5.25 miles, but that was it. Running any further than that was just not a possibility. My knees were complaining and my muscles were stiff and aching. Okay, okay, I can take a (none-too-subtle) hint. It was time to give my legs the bit of rest they deserved after running the half on Sunday.

I did manage to do a full cross-train yesterday, but have taken today completely off from working out altogether. Now the real trick will be getting back on track tomorrow! Wish me luck.

Thursday's Run
5.25 Miles
5.1 mph

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