Thursday, June 9, 2011

My brain & body... can't they just get along?

I wish I could say that I was having a good week of running. In fact, it's pretty much been anything but. Every morning I wake up and think I'm going to hit the pavement and do a great job with my pacing and get in a great run. My brain really wants it... unfortunately, the news isn't reaching my body. Yesterday's run I think I set out too fast. I really wanted to fartlek a bit and had it in my mind to do just that. A little bit of quick followed by some slow & steady running. Again mind NOT synced with body. Ugh. After about 3 miles I was feeling miserable. I had originally planned on running around 7 miles, but I toughed out another 3 and was done. 

Not sure exactly what's going on. I suspect hormones, coupled with maybe a lack of hydration... part driver error, part just good ol' Mother Nature (I hate that commercial btw) rearing her ugly head. Fotunately, if this is a down week for me, that means next week will be an up week, which is good, because the next half marathon is a week from Sunday. Honestly, this week has made me dread it a bit, but I'm trying to maintain my optimism. 

I've still got a full run to get through tomorrow to get my miles in for the week. Wish me luck!

Yesterday's Run
6.0 Miles
5.0 mph


Heather said...

Jo....what happened to the text in this post?

Heather said... week has been the same! I want a do over. lol