Thursday, August 18, 2011

Frustrating moments... yes, I do have them!

I know I'm always trying to encourage everyone to have a positive outlook on their workout/running/weight loss journeys and that I'm always promoting the long-term outlook over the short-term fix. But I must confess, I too get tired of plateaus and exasperated with my seeming lack of progress from time to time.

For instance, my weight has been sitting at the 80 lb down mark for several weeks now. I jump up or down slightly with hormonal changes and water retention, but it's not really not budging significantly from this mark. I know, intellectually that my body is continuing to change and that one of these days, the scale will adjust accordingly, but in the meantime, it IS frustrating!

My running was feeling that way about a couple of months back. I didn't think I would ever break the 7 mile mark on my daily runs, but now, fortunately, 7 milers are pretty commonplace and I'm getting comfortable adding even more to that distance, so I know that all plateaus are just temporary obstacles as long as you persevere. Still, it is tempting to give up when the scale or the stopwatch or the GPS mileage tracker don't seem to budge week after week after week. I know that I have many moments of weakness when I just want to throw in the towel or let my scale reading affect the rest of my day. Fortunately, these don't last too long, but it is still a battle that I DO face on a regular basis.

Just thought I'd share my little reality check with everyone, so you know that I'm not some perpetually optimistic do-gooder who never has moments of doubt or worry. Believe me, I do! Maybe the lesson here as seems to often be the case is "Do as I say... not as I do!" LOL!

Yesterday's Run
7.71 Miles
5.14 mph
11:42 pace


Jo said...

I am just beginning to run a little (I'm 54), so it's good to know everything is not always rosy. I am learning a lot from you.

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