Monday, September 26, 2011

Chaffing: A fact of life

It seems like no matter how much you think you've prepped for a run, there's always a little spot somewhere that you forgot. For me, I most often find these little forgotten places when I jump in the shower after a run and the fires of hell (aka water) sear whatever part of my body I've missed. Still, no matter what, there are some things we can use to help prevent as much chaffing as possible. Here are just a few of the items that I like to use:

Nexcare Waterproof Tape. I was turned onto this stuff by my SIL. It's great stuff. It looks very similar to moleskin except that its slick on top instead of fuzzy. When you put it on you think, "this stuff is never going to stick through a whole workout." But amazingly, it does! It provides a great barrier for specific smaller patches that you know are going to be a problem (for me, its on my chest where my sports bra meets my boobs... I'm always struggling to keep that area rash-free).
Asics Chafe Free: It is a lotion that again I found via Heather. She gave it to me for a birthday present (Thanks, Heather!!!) and I really like it... much better than Glide stick for use with shorts. This stuff is a lotion that goes on and once it sets, it feels powdery smooth. There's less friction with this than with the Glide, which I have come to not like (at least in the thigh area) because my thighs come together and stick like super glue, creating an incredibly annoying sensation during the run. Just a hint: for those of us that suffer from ye ole thigh chub rub, this stuff is great to use for days when you want to wear a skirt too!
    Asics Capri's: Here in the Pacific NW, we don't have to wear shorts too many months out of the year to stay cool. Most of the time you can stay cool enough via your workout clothes. For the above mentioned chub rub, I love, love, love my Asics Women's Performance capris.  I have had these for a year now and they aren't even close to wearing out or thinning in the thigh area. They are awesome! 

    Boudreax's Butt Paste: Finally, let's face it, as I said above, no matter how much preparation you make, there's always some spot that escapes and shows up in the shower. For those, my favorite after-running-chafe treatment is Boudreax's. Yes, it is a diaper rash ointment, but it's great for all kinds of rashes. It seems to dry up the rash, to help it heal and it's nice and soothing to help with the itching and pain. Not only that, but it has a very pleasant smell (at least I think it is)!

    Well, these are some of my anti-chaffing ideas. I hope that they can help someone out there to take the sting out of their daily runs... at least a little bit!

    Today's Long Run
    12.80 Miles
    5.11 mph
    11:44 pace

    Friday's Run
    7.00 Miles
    5.24 mph
    11:28 pace


    als said...

    I had to laugh when I read this... I posted about the Nexcare Waterproof tape last week when I was dealing with blisters on my feet! :) It worked great on my feet, but when I tried it on a spot where my bra was rubbing, the adhesive irritated my skin. Bit more delicate there, I suppose... :(

    Sarah Grecco said...

    This post is so funny! I just won't leave me alone on a long run. Thanks for the remedy suggestions!

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