Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The inmates, er, I mean cats, are taking over the asylum!

My DH ordered me a Road ID for Christmas, which I had been wanting. It just makes sense, in case I ever need emergency assistance when I'm running without a partner (or running with someone who might not know all of my personal particulars). Anyway, that's not the point of today's story.

I had place the Road ID on the kitchen table so that I could take it downstairs to the garage where I keep the rest of my outdoor running gear (gloves, hat, iPod armband, etc.) whenever I happened to be headed in that general direction. I do this with a lot of stuff... groceries to go in the food pantry, items going to Goodwill, rags that have been laundered and folded and now need to be put away... you get the idea.

Anyway, I was headed down to the treadmill (also in the garage) to do this morning's workout (why I chose to do 8 miles on the treadmill this morning is a whole other story that I won't get into right now... maybe someday). I went to grab my Road ID off the table and low & behold... it's not there! Well, having four cats in the house, one of which I swear thinks he's part squirrel, it's not hard to figure out what probably happened to it. The bigger issue is finding the stupid thing once the inmate (aka cats) had run off with it.

 It's not the first time that they have run off with something. I have dropped socks on the floor on the way to the laundry room, only to have them disappear and then re-appear in a different part of the house several days later. We are missing about half a dozen little stuffed animal cat toys which are too big to fit under the stove or fridge and for which I have checked under the couches and the bed. Anyway, you can see how my mind might start to race and panic would set in when something that is as vital as my Road ID comes up missing. I started looking around for it and of course it wasn't to be found actually near the kitchen table, like the cats had just batted it off and then left it alone. No, that would be too easy for my cats! I start thinking about having to tell my DH when he gets home from work how we're going to have to order me a new ID, even though I've had this one for less than two weeks, how the squirrels (aka cats) have once again run off with and stashed another one of their conquests. This is getting old.

Okay, time to pull it together and start looking a little more intensely for the ID. I guess, I should mention here that my Road ID is pink and many of their other toys, just though mere coincidence, also happen to be pink, so I'm sure it was no huge stretch for them to assume this was just another toy to add to their collection. You will be happy to know that I did finally find it... it had been carried downstairs and stashed between a stereo speaker and the wall. Fortunately, the color helped it to jump out at me against the cherry wood color of the floor...

Well, the Road ID finally made it down to be place securely (aka a place the cats can't get to) with my other running gear... and I have learned my lesson.... all items placed on the kitchen table should either be a) heavily monitored or b) willing to be surrendered to the inmates that seem to run this place.

Yesterday's Run
Miles: 8.04 (new personal distance record)
Time: 1:41
Pace: 4.8 mph
Treadmill Workout

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