Friday, January 28, 2011

A little off my game...

Well, Heather and I had been looking forward to getting together for our run all week long. I shifted my long run to earlier in the week so that it wouldn't impact my run today... we had it all planned out. Heather arrived this morning and although the weather wasn't great, at least it was not raining, so we set out.

About a mile into our run I was really not feeling it... I just felt like every step I took was a struggle. Finally, about 3/4 of a mile later I had to bail on Heather. We walked about another 1/4 mile to get back to my house and that was it. It was definitely an off day for me. I felt so bad for Heather coming over only to not be able to get a full run in.

I should have known it wasn't going to be a great day... I woke up this morning feeling really bloated... even in my legs and feet, which is something that rarely happens to me, but at the time, I didn't think it would necessarily affect my run. Of course, what I forgot until well after Heather left is that I also had a lousy night of sleep last night... I got about 3 hours of really restless sleep and if I had remembered this, I might have been tempted to call Heather and tell her to save the trip... but since I forgot that little (but probably very important) piece of information while getting ready this morning, she showed up and we set out.

Over time I am better able to tell when the fatigue I'm feeling is mental and it's something that I need to just push through, but occasionally, the fatigue really is a physical thing... and I think it's at this point that's it's best to listen to what you're body is telling you and pull back for the day... the road will always be there tomorrow. So, Heather and I have postponed our run until next week... I will do everything I can to make sure there's not a repeat performance of today!

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Heather said...

We're going to rock it next week! We should celebrate after the run with a trip to Bob's Red Mill for lunch. [hint, hint] I'm pretty sure they have gluten free hippie food for me there. :)

I bailed on Kent last night, and chose to not run at all. I felt "off". So tired. I've learned the hard way to take a break when I feel that way. It's not worth running sloppy & injuring myself (like I did last week).